Corporate education for the smartphone generation, for AB InBev (video by Deutsch).


The only notable fintech startup focusing on women, millennials, and people of color, our b2c product combined algorithm-driven investment advice, ongoing financial education, and an easy-to-use trading platform.

Our b2b offering helped banks engage, activate, and retain their millennial clients by providing a powerful API for credit card spend profiling, public company ranking, and algorithm-driven portfolio recommendations.

We were proud to be a part of the 500 Startups and AXA Strategic Ventures families.

ADCOLOR SLot machine

My team at Wieden + Kennedy designed and built a slot machine for the ADCOLOR Awards and Conference in Las Vegas. Powered by an iPad and Arduino, the slot machine accepted special tokens given to conference attendees -- and randomly chose winners. Prizes included a breakfast session with an award recipient.


When NYC got its very own football (ahem, *soccer*) team, I worked with Hush and Droga 5 to create "Badge of Badges," a microsite for fans to create their own team badge.

At the end of the campaign, a mosaic badge was released to the world, made up of thousands of user-created badges.

ADVentures With Glass

I got a Google Glass (I know, I know) and wanted to use it in a series of experiments.

husani on the road

Started making fun little videos of my travels.

Human Twitter

If you couldn't make ESPN's X Games, Human Twitter let you participate through the Intertubes -- selected tweets tagged #humantwitter were spelled out by 160* extras in the stands at Staples Center.

We built software that allowed us to not only detect tagged tweets, but put them through an approvals and quality assurance process, all of which happened on-site during the event. We designed  handheld character books large enough to be seen on live television, and we collectively executed an awesomely fun event.

(*160 instead of 140 because ... line breaks!)

Commissioner Toolkit

My team at Wieden + Kennedy designed and built the "Commissioner Toolkit" as part of ESPN's Fantasy Football game for a number of years. The Toolkit let you create customized invite and press conference videos, where you'd get to answer questions from ESPN on-air personalities, create and distribute Power Rankings, and even create report cards for your league's drafts.

Sessions In Dance: Static REM

Our world premiere performance was powered by a Philips Hue-based custom lighting system, which allowed our lighting designer to use a browser-based tool to create music and lighting effects.

Sessions In Dance: SHORT FILMS AND ADS

I’ve shot and directed a number of short films for Sessions In Dance, a modern dance company, where I also serve as Executive Producer.

Quick Controls Chaos

To celebrate the launch of Jordan's CP3.V, we created a video-focused interactive experience that let viewers see what it's like to be on the court with Chris Paul.

After a shoot with hundreds of extras, animals, a stunt performer, and months of technical development, users could control live-action video, spin the camera around, change timing, and watch the action unfold.


I wrote, shot, and directed a pilot episode of a web series called “Blacktor,” based on a one-man Off (off, off) Broadway show I executive produced.

Unbutton Your Beast

A fun campaign for Levi's, "Unbutton Your Beast" featured stop-motion animation created by the geniuses at Laika. Users could choose a beast, call a toll-free number and record a message, and send their friends or enemies a video where the beast lip-synced the recorded message.

The campaign was featured on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, because funny.


Armed with a London-based product design team and a beautiful new factory in Portugal, we created and sold modern solid wood furniture at a mid-range price point.

Our retail location was in a Williamsburg (Brooklyn) loft, designed to look and feel like a real apartment.

Other Work

Here's a selection of other fun projects I've worked on.