Sessions In Dance

A contemporary dance company led by Founder and Artistic Director Jashiro Dean, whose philosophy is that art, and how art is created, is intertwined with the way art is received. Our eclectic production team, with backgrounds in dance, technology, film, and hair/makeup, help to create work that reaches audiences in unexpected places, and in unexpected ways.

“Untitled Work” In Four Movements (Volume One)

A short film I created during a series of rehearsals.

World Premiere

Four pieces, each work a manifestation of the mind and its distorted memories in the midst of sleep. Choreographed by Founder and Artistic Director Jashiro Dean, performed in a former paint factory in Brooklyn NY. With an unconventional production approach - seating in the round, lighting software built for us by us, and a digital-only marketing strategy - STATIC REM was an experiment in mise-en-scène, ingenuity, and making art accessible.

Art + Science

Our world premiere performance was powered by a Philips Hue-based custom lighting system, which allowed our lighting designer to use a browser-based tool to create music and lighting effects.


I directed and edited a series of :15s for Instagram to build buzz around our world premiere.

Day of Wrath, a work in progress

A short film of choreography that ended up as part of STATIC REM.

The Reckoning (a work in progress)

A short film I created of, well, a work in progress.

You, Part of Me, a work in progress

Yet another short film I created of a work in progress.