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Hello. I'm Husani.

I am currently EVP, Director of Technology + Innovation at deutsch (the agency, not the bank). Previously, I was the Chief Technology Officer (and current advisor) at GoldBean, an investing platform for beginners. I've run creative technology groups at ad agencies like Wieden + Kennedy and EVB, and I co-founded Flavorpill back in the paleolithic era. I'm also the Executive Producer at Sessions In Dance, a contemporary dance company.

I make products, I manage teams, I write and direct, I help brands and agencies do work that doesn't suck, and I talk about it all on stage every now and then.




Bank Innovation (demo), Capco: "Disruptive and Diverse" (panelist), AAF Jacksonville (keynote), Out In Tech (panelist), Marketing to Millennials for Financial Services (keynote), White House Summit on Building the Tech Workforce of Tomorrow, TechUp Innovation + Inclusion Week (keynote), Money 20/20 (presenter), Lesbians Who Tech + Allies Summit (panelist), The One Club - Here Are All the Black People (panelist), White House LGBT Tech / Innovation BriefingHOW Design Live (keynote), LGBTWEEK NYC (panelist)

About Husani

Husani S. Oakley is EVP, Director of Technology + Innovation at Deutsch. He was the Chief Technology Officer at GoldBean, an online investing platform that helps people start their investment journey with companies and brands they love, know, and buy. Husani's a veteran technologist who has spent over fifteen years building world-class experiences, online and offline, that bridge the gap between art and science.

His creative, technical, and production leadership in the advertising industry has been recognized by One Show, AICP, Webby Awards, and the FWA, and he's spoken at conferences such as ad:tech, SXSW, ADMA, HOW Design, Money20/20, Digital Dallas, Internet Summit, and others. Husani was honored to attend both the White House LGBTQ Tech / Innovation Briefing and the White House Summit on Building the Workforce of Tomorrow. 

A co-founder of Flavorpill Productions, Atlantico USA, and Oakley+Partners, Husani's most recent role was Director of Creative Technology at Wieden + Kennedy, creating campaign work for Nike, ESPN, Heineken, Delta, and Target.

Because he drinks entirely too much coffee, Husani is also the Executive Producer and Creative Director of Sessions In Dance, a modern dance company.

He lives in the NYC area with his partner and their dog.